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Past Memories · September 16, 2018
When I was a little girl, most of my childhood we lived in Jersey City, New Jersey. At one point we lived across the street from a Jewish Synagogue. I was approximately there from the ages of 9-12. I can't tell you exactly when I read 'The Diary of Anne Frank', but when I did, I know I cried. Was it before or after this place, across the street? I'm not sure. Somehow though, seeing and knowing it was there, brought me comfort. In this place we lived in, which was about 100 years old, we had...

Multidimensionality · July 27, 2017
Sometimes I feel Crossing Overs. The very first time, I felt it in my body, rising up. Someone from the outside would have probably labeled this episode as a panic attack. I had no idea of what was happening to me. I felt the need to leave the place I had just arrived, ASAP. Once outside I cried, having no idea why. A few days later, it happened. It's gotten easier, since acknowledging and embracing that part of me which feels more than many eyes see. Right after going through Reiki...

Deja Vu and Sessions · September 17, 2016
I am grateful I had the opportunity to do a particular session this week. It was intense. It was beautiful. It was healing for myself and the recipient. It was a session from a place of neutrality....which was a lesson/trial for myself as well, because for me this is at the moment an intense 'karmic' relationship. Sessions oftentimes have teaching or light bringing, for both the recipient and the channeler. After the session, I pulled the 3 'helping cards', they were quite relevant for the...

Healthy Food · September 07, 2016
I grew up reading the book 'The pH Miracle'. It fascinated me from an early age what we put into our bodies and the reactions of our bodies. But I never really consciously began practicing what I read about. I felt that when I tried, my body would still react to foods that should be healthy. Tomatoes, grapes, oranges would often cause my tongue to burn. Bloating was something I just figured I'd have to live with the rest of my life. More years went buy, I had my first son. Soon after his birth...

Get it Together · August 19, 2016
Back from a nourishing long weekend (meditating in Croatia....yayyy), I found my self intercepted at the train station, hurrying to the bus home. An Indian man stopped me and had a few words for me. Teachers are truly everywhere. As long as we are in body, we are still learning💕 What have been some of your chance encounters that appeared to have a loud and clear message for you?

Random · August 19, 2016
My lovely 'Energy Flow' necklace, from: I found this while I was walking through the 'Lebenskraft - Messe', in Zürich......the weekend of my birthday! One of the best birthday gifts I've given myself..... This is one of the very first symbols you work with, when learning Reiki. Seeing this at the convention was a wonderful sign for me, just a few months after starting down the Energy Working path. What's your favorite piece of symbolic jewelry?...

Random · August 09, 2016
Sitting down with a cup of coffee or tea, looking out the window, helps bring me into the present moment. Even the process of making my mug of 'goodness', begins to wind me down. What are some of your favorite ways to wind down and come back into yourself?

Random · July 31, 2016
This is Buddy and Bandit. Already living in Switzerland for a few years, I hadn't seen Buddy for a very long time. He was already quite old, but as you see here, he seemed perfectly content with life... This was my first day getting back to Texas, and naturally I had to visit with my friends. A wonderful hello, giving lots of love to these two. That night, in his sleep, Buddy made a peaceful transition. I thank him and am so happy he waited to see me to have the chance to say goodbye to...

Positivity · July 31, 2016

Positivity · July 31, 2016

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