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December 16, 2017
#5daychallenge#complimentchallenge 2. I embrace that despite what kind of ‘crap’ goes on in life - I know, deep down inside it’ll be ok. I know - no matter what, everything will always turn out alright. I do sometimes get into Funks, if I didn’t, I wouldn’t understand what it feels like to be down. But most importantly, I trust in Rainbows = the Magic of Life What’s your compliment to Yourself?

Positivity · December 16, 2017
For every Critique that passes your Lips or Mind - give 5 Compliments. You’re invited to join the: #5daychallenge #complimentchallenge We judge. Others. Ourselves. Maybe feelings of jealousy or inadequacy, while we compare ourselves to others. Maybe feeling that we’re not enough, or deserving enough of being fully accepted for how we truly are. #5daychallenge #complimentchallenge I judge. My mind constantly runs around judging - especially myself. It took a long time to accept my curly...