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Get it Together · September 21, 2018
This book is a must read. The Law of Attraction (LOA) is important on our path to understanding that the thoughts and feelings we most often let occupy us - become ‘attracted’ to our field. I do believe that some might be confusing this idea with reaching and being at Millionaire Status. But what does being a Millionaire bring us, if in the end we’ve forgotten how to Love? If remembering to Love, Laugh, and have Fun in Life, brings various forms of Abundance, including Financial - then I...

Positivity · August 22, 2018
What are some of the positive sentences you use to cheer yourself on? To remind yourself that everything's going to be alright?

Healing · November 26, 2017
Feminine & Masculine Introvert Extrovert Slow Fast Stillness Movement ~~~Balance~~~ That’s what we are here to learn. Our relationships could be the most beautiful balance of Feminine & Masculine coming together. Within ourselves we have these two energies which beg to come into balance: many women strengthening their ‘Inner Power’ & many men softening their ‘Inner Tenderness’. Look at these two - they found eachother! Personally, I’m going through a process of coming...