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Positivity · August 12, 2018
Patience with and for Self - as we go through Life Cycles. Learning Phases Clearing + Transformation = Forgiving Some of us journey through these Learning Cycles faster than others. Patience with Self and the rest of our Tribe Much Love, PrisCilla

Healing · July 06, 2018
Reiki directs Universal Energy to where it’s most needed, to the benefit of the recipient. It is Energetic Support for our present High and Fast paced lives, often full of demands from many directions. During a time when: many of our children are put under labels many of us experience allergies and numerous digestive problems many of us experience burn outs and depression The list goes on ....we have to start looking at things from a different perspective: Beginning to care for our Energetic...

Healing · May 11, 2018
Traditions, ceremonies, and rituals carried down ancestral lines. Honoring our connection to our ancestors. The lessons that our ancestors have learned and experienced, runs through our genetic memory. To honor them is to honor what they have learned. They may have had lives that were more connected to the Earth, the Elements, and Spirits around them - but they also may have made mistakes. Sometimes we may feel their connection, their essence trying to guide us, offering assistance and support....

May 05, 2018
One of the Chakras - Energy Centers being activated at this time, is located above our well known Heart Center. The Higher Heart. About 2 years ago, I ‘unexpectedly’ felt a massive warmth in my upper chest. A warmth and intense bigness, fullness...I’m not sure how to describe it. At the time it felt uncomfortable. I didn’t know what was happening and almost immediately felt like I needed to go and ground myself. In hindsight, I wasn’t used to being here with my heart fully opened and...

Healing · April 14, 2018
Healing is not just for broken bones, cuts, and bruises. The healing we are now concerned with, has to do with the transformation of beliefs that I have held us back, in some way or form - from reaching our true potential. This could be a belief that our Inner Child held onto, interpreted as true, and continued bringing up into the present day life. But the ‘belief’ itself, was something said to that Inner Child from someone else’s hurt Inner Child.

Reiki · March 31, 2018
As long as I can remember, I have felt a lot of sensations and emotions - strongly. I was often called a hypochondriac with my mom bringing me to Doctors appointments, describing my ailment, only for the doctor to let her know that I was perfectly healthy! Needless to say, I began to distrust doctors at an early age. I was feeling something and nobody had a clue what it was, not even the doctor. Frustrating, yes but absolutely necessary for my path. I learned to listen more and more to myself,...

March 18, 2018
Well, Hot Dog...we’re all Sexual Creatures. We came to this world through the Power of Sexuality. I made a journey that had me learn to accept my sexuality and sexual power. I was afraid of being seen, attracting attention I wore extremely big clothes to school I was very shy and insecure And then I started Healing Sometimes we need a guiding hand, I Know.....someone who’s made similar experiences and has made it through the other side. My wish, as I got older: I want to feel my inner...

Healing · July 03, 2016
Healing occurs on many levels, not just the physical body. And most times, healing takes must go through a process. Patience is important. Years of different experiences have added up to bring us where we presently are. And for that, we need to practice patience with ourselves. Let ourselves go through the process.