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Positivity · August 23, 2018
I love listening to Abraham Hicks sessions, especially when someone from the ‘hot seat’ brings a question that I can relate to. Like a lot of people, I listening the most to topics about Love and Financial Abundance. The Law of Attraction (LOA) = the circumstances and situations that you are most often aligned and Vibing with, manifest into your field (life experience). Sometimes, if not a whole bunch of times, we stay in the vibe of what we don’t ‘want’. Focusing on the things we...

Positivity · February 10, 2018
We all know that someone that always seems to attract a crowd. Or that someone who always seems to have a lucky star shining on them. That ‘Someone’ Can Be YOU✨

Positivity · February 10, 2018
Do everything thing you can to keep your Vibe High: Surround yourself with High Vibing People Grab your wandering thoughts and get them onto the High Vibing Track! When I notice my thoughts start on the ‘Woe is Me’ playback - I give myself a snap back: I Am Blessed, Blessed, Blessed!!! What are some of your High Vibing Tips? P.s. the next days will find me sharing some of my personal High Vibing Tips.

Random · February 10, 2018
The kids headed out to school and I turned on my YouTube, which is full of Positive Vibe subscriptions. An interview with Jim Kwik turned up. I’m thinking, ‘Dang, this Guy is pretty Amazing. He’s really doing what he came here to do - making a difference in so many lives.’ Then I pressed forward to another interview he did with Lewis Howes. As he started speaking about how he loved the X-Men, and he loved comics, and his pretty exciting adventures he had meeting the film crew - I start...

Get it Together · August 19, 2016
Back from a nourishing long weekend (meditating in Croatia....yayyy), I found my self intercepted at the train station, hurrying to the bus home. An Indian man stopped me and had a few words for me. Teachers are truly everywhere. As long as we are in body, we are still learning💕 What have been some of your chance encounters that appeared to have a loud and clear message for you?