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May 05, 2018
One of the Chakras - Energy Centers being activated at this time, is located above our well known Heart Center. The Higher Heart. About 2 years ago, I ‘unexpectedly’ felt a massive warmth in my upper chest. A warmth and intense bigness, fullness...I’m not sure how to describe it. At the time it felt uncomfortable. I didn’t know what was happening and almost immediately felt like I needed to go and ground myself. In hindsight, I wasn’t used to being here with my heart fully opened and...

Healing · July 03, 2016
Healing occurs on many levels, not just the physical body. And most times, healing takes must go through a process. Patience is important. Years of different experiences have added up to bring us where we presently are. And for that, we need to practice patience with ourselves. Let ourselves go through the process.