Get it Together

Get it Together · September 21, 2018
This book is a must read. The Law of Attraction (LOA) is important on our path to understanding that the thoughts and feelings we most often let occupy us - become ‘attracted’ to our field. I do believe that some might be confusing this idea with reaching and being at Millionaire Status. But what does being a Millionaire bring us, if in the end we’ve forgotten how to Love? If remembering to Love, Laugh, and have Fun in Life, brings various forms of Abundance, including Financial - then I...

Get it Together · August 23, 2018
Beware of calling yourself an empath and feeling like you have to protect yourself from the outside world. ‘A protective Bubble now surrounds you, and everything bounces off of you.’ In my eyes, that means that our interaction with the people and energies around us is purposely being blocked - from our side. Possibly leaving us totally disconnected from the world around us. And isn’t that what we came here for? For years, the thought of a hermit in a cave, tugged at the corners of a...

Get it Together · August 21, 2018
Phew, our last New Moon really laid me down flat with an unexpected dousy (is that a word?). Anyways, a situation came up that has me facing a side of myself that I thought I already processed, healed, and transformed. Then SMACK. Take THAT. You thought it used to be Intense before? Try This ONE. Holy Macaroni. I fluctuated between moments of all encompassing love, seeing the situation from a higher perspective. Even being able to laugh at the seemingly 'this can't be true' idea, because it...

Get it Together · August 20, 2018
Highschool Chemistry, wonderful. It was one of the few school topics I was understanding. Our teacher was a quirky woman, who was probably a shy kid growing up. She had a sense of humor that made only herself laugh. Somehow I liked her. I could see her fitting very well with our Physics teacher. They had something in common, but he was male and she was female. Anyways, one day she let us know that she didn't watch TV (television)....she was a refuser of the 'News' and its negative daily input....

Get it Together · March 29, 2018
I saw a man I know standing near the flower shop. And then I laughed, ‘ I thought you were thinking about bringing your wife some!’ After a long conversation with him, I thought about getting some for myself: ‘Nah, you don’t need it. It costs $$$....blah blah blah.’ And then I remembered, I almost Always advise my friends to get themselves flowers every once in awhile. Flowers A decadent piece of chocolate A beautiful undergarment set Something to nourish their Soul. And yet, here I...

Get it Together · August 16, 2017
That's right, you. The responsibility is yours to ensure your own healing. You are your own master. I'm a vessel for energy to flow through, what you do with it is your responsibility.

Get it Together · August 19, 2016
Back from a nourishing long weekend (meditating in Croatia....yayyy), I found my self intercepted at the train station, hurrying to the bus home. An Indian man stopped me and had a few words for me. Teachers are truly everywhere. As long as we are in body, we are still learning💕 What have been some of your chance encounters that appeared to have a loud and clear message for you?

Get it Together · July 31, 2016
Life is our greatest teacher. Some of our experiences may have seemed harsh, rough, and practically impossible to make it through.