Positivity · October 10, 2018
I’m not sure why, but I keep having the feeling that this year just started. Something feels ‘new’, like you just made it to the next page of your favorite book. This year is getting ready to close, bringing us soon into a fresh start for 2019. Lately there’s been lot of ‘finishing up’ and tying up of loose ends - leaving much needed space in life for new experiences, relationships, and opportunities. On my end, I’ve been busy clearing up, tapping into What I Want, and How I Want...

Positivity · September 16, 2018
Learning to stand up for yourself is a process. Embracing that you are worth so much Love, you begin to realize that all of the Love You Give Out - is the same that you should start giving yourself. Healthy Boundaries come into play when people or situations come into your field, reflecting old patterns. Because you are now fully aware of, feel and radiate your beautiful worth, there may be times where you find yourself saying, ‘No, I don’t accept that anymore.’ May it be types of people...

Positivity · August 23, 2018
I love listening to Abraham Hicks sessions, especially when someone from the ‘hot seat’ brings a question that I can relate to. Like a lot of people, I listening the most to topics about Love and Financial Abundance. The Law of Attraction (LOA) = the circumstances and situations that you are most often aligned and Vibing with, manifest into your field (life experience). Sometimes, if not a whole bunch of times, we stay in the vibe of what we don’t ‘want’. Focusing on the things we...

Positivity · August 22, 2018
What are some of the positive sentences you use to cheer yourself on? To remind yourself that everything's going to be alright?

Positivity · August 12, 2018
Patience with and for Self - as we go through Life Cycles. Learning Phases Clearing + Transformation = Forgiving Some of us journey through these Learning Cycles faster than others. Patience with Self and the rest of our Tribe Much Love, PrisCilla

Positivity · August 03, 2018
If you grew up hearing that and believing it, remember this: Those sensitivities can help us ‘relate’ to others.* Why? Because of an ability to ‘relate’ to the person before you - on an unseen level. Picking up, feeling, sensing, hearing, and ‘knowing’ through your sensitivities - can possibly offer the most helpful catalyst that someone needs. Turning this belief around and accepting our ‘sensitivities’ as strengths, can help us step into our inner power. Being ‘sensitive’...

Positivity · June 06, 2018
Shout out to the ‘psychics’ who write about their experiences. It’s exactly one of the things we need. By writing about your ‘process’, you’re helping someone else who might feel scared and confused, finding themselves experiencing ‘a new and foreign world’. You know what I mean? Some of us can’t yet afford going through extensive training to calm the feelings of sudden unexplainable anxiety, physical sensations, sounds, visions, etc. let alone, learning how to decipher from...

Positivity · March 26, 2018
3 years ago I began a journey of rediscovering myself. Free from all outer ideas and beliefs of who I Should Be. I began asking myself: What IS my Passion? What do I love to do? Independent of $$$, what would I still do? What comes naturally to me? Reflecting on my answers, I began to realize my true Passion. This something that already pulsed through my veins during childhood. My Passion = What I came here to do Who’s to say we shouldn’t create our own job, living, creating, and...

Positivity · February 10, 2018
We all know that someone that always seems to attract a crowd. Or that someone who always seems to have a lucky star shining on them. That ‘Someone’ Can Be YOU✨

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