Reiki Switzerland, Energetische Behandlung

Preparing for your Session:

  •  Take a shower or bath before, pampering your body
  • Light one of your favorite scent free candles. I personally love Soya candles.
  • Spray an Essential Oil room Mist
  • Place some of your favorite crystals or stones around you
  • Have a glass of water beside you - drinks lots of water
  • Set your intention to receive all of the Energetic support that will most benefit you.


Tiredness, 'tugging' or 'pressure' may be felt in different areas of the body. Be prepared for anything, embrace all, be patient with your path. Patience and time should be allowed to help integrate the energetic process that is occurring. Rest when possible and drink lots of water to keep your body well hydrated. Old emotions, memories, hurts, may come to the surface in an effort to find healing.