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Spiritual Energy Coaching Program

Step into My Flow - Energy Coaching


  • 3 Week Energy Coaching
  • 3 Online Live 1to1 video calls
  • 3 Energy Transformation Sessions
  • 3 Guiding Cards


Cost:    750sfr

Appr. $750


1x fee

Appointments on Sundays

`Step into My Flow` - 3 Week Flow Intensive


  • Your Self Confidence
  • Inner Power
  • Your Self Worth

Tap into

  • How You deserve to Feel
  • How You deserve to BE
  • What You deserve to Have


Work on

  • Your Goals
  • Healthy Boundaries
  • Standing in Your Power
  • Allowing Greatness into Your Life

Limited to 5 Clients per month, with Live Video Calls on Sundays. Get ready to Kick Start your Energetic Flow.

Spiritual & Intuitive Energy Coaching