Body, Mind, & Spirit = Balance

Not only do our physical bodies need proper care, nourishment, and maintenance, but also our energetic bodies.


Reiki, a form of Holistic Alternative Care, can be used by the laying on of hands, as well as sent through intention. By focusing this energy towards a recipient, stagnations in the Energetic field can begin to clear, benefiting the flow of their own life Energy. Reiki directs Universal Energy to where it’s most needed, to the benefit of the recipient. It is Energetic Support for our present High and Fast paced lives, often full of demands from many directions. 
The recipient is given space to come into a state of relaxation - physically, and mentally. Regularly experiencing states of relaxation, allows the body, mind and spirit to recharge and heal. With that, being more prepared for new life experiences, as past experiences then have a chance to be worked through with more ease. 
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