My name is PrisCilla.  I'm an expat, co-parenting mom, in Switzerland. I came to learn and integrate Reiki and Energy Work through a journey of embracing my ´sensitivities´ and perceived ´hurts´ as my strengths.


My most transformative life experiences include:

  • leaving everything I knew to live in a foreign land
  • miscarriage, pregnancy, birth, and parenting
  • embarking on a path of co-parenting (separation/divorce)

The experiences that occurred around the time of my most final decision, would in certain circles be called a Kundalini Activation. But if I think on All of my life experiences as a whole, I come to the conclusion that all had prepared me to get to the point of where I now am. And perhaps it is each of our singular paths objective to bring us to the highest point we can achieve - often times first requiring us to experience our most lowest points. Experiencing our lowest points, something within us tries to free itself, to reach its highest potential - while at the other end of the spectrum, our ´well known/older selves` attempt to resist. This resistance leads to the lowest point feeling - our world caving in, everything we know and knew no longer being the same. Old paradigms, beliefs, and patterns, attempting to be freed to make space for New.


It is not a comfortable path.


Definitely Not.


Some of the greatest lessons on my journey have been:

  • Self Love
  • Inner Power
  • Stepping into My Flow